Sunday, 15 April 2007

Here's Lookin' at Gateshead

There is a Gateshead in Australia. It's a suburb of Newcastle. Hah! Suburb indeed! Here's lookin' at Gateshead, Gateshead. Albeit the bit that's a de facto extension of Newcastle... where is the regeneration of the township herself? That's what I want to know, people. This is a fine start, however.

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Bic Biros & Moldova said...

This is a matter very close to my heart.
Yes the real bosm of the town really needs a reshape though its comely quayside hips have made quite an impact on many an innocent man.
(of course ladies of all shapes can be desirable)

There is a school of thought, let me just say, that believes Gateshead alone has strove forward in the cultural context to re-tapestrize tyneside to the richness it deserves.
Newcastle made attempts- such as a blue carpet- but it was dreadfully gauche (whatever that means) and a failure in everyone's eyes (which like anything in any eye is an irritation) including Carol's.
And she knows best.