Thursday, 26 July 2007

Melvyn Q. Watchpocket

I'll have mentioned in the past, I should have imagined, my fondness for Melvyn Q. Watchpocket, a San Francisco band of the mid-to-late '60s, whose recorded output, as far as I can tell, is nil, and whose major claim to fame is a poster for a night on which they had shared billing with Country Joe and the Fish and with Big Brother and the Holding Company. This wasn't an unusual occurence by any means, for an unsigned band to be part of the festivities, etc. Anyway, yes, so I have one of these posters and they're fetching $400 dollars-ish. Presumably mine isn't an original or anything. Don't really care to find out. Not sure about that sort of thing. Looks good on my wall. That's fine. I've forgotten what I've written. But it was about Melvyn Q. Watchpocket. I know that much. And I wrote it long ago, and elsewhere. So be it.


Bic Biros & Moldova said...

Youy may not have noticed but if you look back at some of the posts of May or June perhaps and look at their comments I left a comment concerning this very topic.

Jack Gander said...

Indeed I noticed. It brought me much joy.